Chocolate, gummy bears galore and over-sized indulgences. Yes, you hear correctly. Sweets reign at Downtown Summerlin through the fun and must-visit boutique, It’Sugar. Here are a few fun facts to enjoy before you visit and taste the goodness for yourself. 

  • Did you know It’Sugar boasts the largest box of sour patch kids – impressed?

  • The brand has 500,000,000 gummy bears to date across all of their stores!

  • IT’SUGAR offers gummy bears in all different sizes, ranging from mini, to 2 pounds, all the way up to 5 pounds per bear!

  • The candy guru founded in 2006 with one store in Atlantic City, NJ. There are now almost 100 IT’SUGAR stores across the United States. 

It’Sugar is located near Forever 21.