In 2018, Lyft joined forces with 12 other local entities to form the Las Vegas Coalition for Zero  Fatalities, with the goal of eliminating alcohol-related accidents and fatalities. This  unprecedented, public/private partnership made waves as it was the first-of-its-kind for Lyft,  making headlines and reducing DUIs. The Coalition launched on New Year’s Eve 2018, in which  Las Vegas saw the first Zero Fatality NYE in four years. 

What’s next in 2019
Looking forward to the future, we know there’s more work to be done in Las Vegas to help get  the city to Zero Fatalities. This is why the Las Vegas Coalition for Zero Fatalities has recommited  their efforts and doubled down on their investment, pledging up to $200K over the course of  2019 for smart ride initiatives. 

In addition to the 2018 partners: Zero Fatalities, Nevada highway Patrol, Las Vegas Metropolitan  Police Dept., Las Vegas Monorail, PT’s Entertainment Group, Raiders, Fremont Street Experience,  Topgolf, Downtown Project, Downtown Summerlin and City of Las Vegas Parking Services;  LVCZF welcomes new partnerships to make the 2019 efforts bigger and better. 

Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada and Las Vegas Weekly will be joining the cause to support the 2019 vision of Zero Fatalities.