Summer can be a high-maintenance beauty season. Don’t get us wrong, there are also lots of stellar perks that include tropical vacations, breezy sundresses, delicious cocktails and longer evenings. But with the good, comes some not-so-nice beauty challenges:  foundation builds up and melts away, sunscreen and sweat cause breakouts and the sun wreaks havoc on your lips and hair. Here are a few lifesaving products from Posarè Salon, Ulta Beauty, Dillard’s and Sephora that will help tame your summer regimen and keep you looking your best during the hot days and nights ahead. 

Fun fact: did you know Posarè Salon is a full service salon that boasts an assortments of services from hair, nails, makeup, hair removal and products to boot? Located on Lavender Hills Drive near Pieology Pizzeria.