The Practice Center at PGA TOUR Superstore is designed to give you an unfair advantage. The bay is outfitted with ball flight launch monitor technology as well as video swing and playback capabilities, both of which will help you practice more efficiently. Gone are the days of standing on a range beating golf balls with little to no feedback. The Performance Practice Center will help take your game from good to great. Year round memberships are available. 

Benefits to indoor practice at PGA TOUR Superstore:

  • Video playback and launch monitor technology are used while you practice.
  • The immediate feedback provided by the technology = an accelerated learning process.
  • Helps develop a more repeatable swing in a comfortable environment without elements impacting results.
  • Learn true carry distance for each club in your bag for better distance control. 

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PGA TOUR Superstore is located near Trader Joe’s on Suma Drive.